“Counselling has meant a lot to me and has changed my
life for the better. This has come about through working
with a skilled therapist.”


“Excellent support that’s helped me better understand my issues.”


“Thank you very much! This has exceeded my expectations”


Finding someone to talk to

I was very skeptical of psychology and stuff – also, I didn’t trust telling a stranger personal things about myself, but it got to the point where I literally had no one to turn to and it was all getting too much to handle by myself. I ended up scared and completely alone, with very bad depression and drinking and drug problems…

I tried seeing a couple of different counsellors, and I think that is important – don’t just give up if you don’t like the first one you meet! It was a big step and it took a lot for me to do, but the lady I see now works well for me. It really can help you if you find someone you feel comfortable with.

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